PPCE “Matrix”
About our company

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of metalworking. Speed and quality in the manufacture of non-standard equipment for our company. Qualitative and operative realization of repair works of our production lines. Quality of work performed, guarantee, individual approach to the customer. Individually consider the wishes of each client.


Modern trends in the development of industry are associated with the emergence of extraordinary solutions that require the use of non-standard parts from metal or plastic. Therefore, recently the popularity of such a service as metalworking to order has increased.

The increase in demand for metalworking as a service is also associated with the growing number of small and private enterprises that machinery and vehicles repair business, and also produce non-standard production lines. Difficulties with the purchase of metal products that would exactly match the required sizes and characteristics of metal entailed an increase in the number of companies engaged in metal processing and its’ products on order.

Metalworking is a technological process of changing of shape, dimensions and qualities of metals and alloys. During the technological processes of metalworking, the shape and size of the metal change in different ways, and the physical and mechanical properties of metals can change too. To process metals in order to change it and achieve particular goals, different methods of metal processing are used. In particular, our company is engaged in mechanical processing of metal.

After metalworking the shape and dimensions of the metal change, the parts are given the desired shape with the help of one or several metal processing methods. Reliability of any production or any metal construction depends on the quality of metalworking.

Metal cutting is a set of processes in which a material takes a certain geometry by removing excess material with various kinds of tools, which means that the rest of the material is something that was required to do.

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