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Bending of metal

Bending of metal is a necessary stage of manufacturing of various elements and metal products. Channel bars and corners, steel frames and slopes, water and sewage pipes, various hull products - for all this you can order from us bending of rolled metal.

We carry out this service on aspecial equipment - pipe bender for the profile pipe, as well as sheet bender for sheet metal. They bend and roll metal, giving it the necessary shape. Unlike manual bending under home-clandestine conditions, pipe bender for pipe and as sheet benderfor sheet metal allows to take into account the plasticity of the metal, the profile thickness, the degree of required curvature, etc. Thus, professional equipment helps to produce accurate and high-quality bending of the metal. So, wondering how to bend the pipe, it's best to contact specialists. We produce bending of metal to order in the best quality and in strictly specified terms.

We work on metal bending in several ways. What kind of method should be applied in a particular case, decides only the master who has knowledge and experience of work in this industry and such masters work in our company.

Bending of a steel sheet is an elastic-plastic deformation of a metal, by means of which the products are produced in three-dimensional configurations. In the process of bending, the outer layers of the metal stretch, and the inner layers are compressed. Due to this, the design is seamless and monolithic, and at the same time the anticorrosive properties and strength of the workpieces are preserved.

The company performs a huge range of works, from the production of profiles, and ending up with the shaping of all kinds of hull products with the help of equipment for the impact on sheet metal.

Today, the bending of the metal sheet is in a good demand, since it makes possible to get finished products without a welding seam. Our specialists produce metal bending of all necessary shapes in absolute compliance withthe given sizes at a competitive price. Using a standardized machine, detail’s bending with a dozen bending lines and a complex configuration is performed in one cycle. Due to the possibility of a quick change of the bending tool, the machine is recalibrated in a short time to handle other products.

For today metal bending on presses is the most widespread in small and medium-sized metal-working enterprises. Presses for metal bending perform a huge range of operations - from the shaping of various profiles to the production of complex hull products.

Today there is no more technological and universal method of influence on sheet metal. We carry out the metal bending with the maximum bending length of 3200 mm and the thickness of the processed sheet metal - up to 8 mm. If your details exceed these figures, do not worry, we will find a solution.

Serially,in construction and repair, it becomes necessary to bend the profile pipe. Moreover, to do this with high accuracy, under the right degree, without unnecessary deformation or even breakdown.

You can use a service of bending of the profile pipe on special equipment from our company. No barbarian clamps, that break metal (especially they can damage the round tube). Only the right professional machines! We can bend pipes that made of steel, aluminum, titanium, etc., as well as profile products. For the implementation of the process we have special pipe bending machines. With modern equipment, the bend angle reaches 180 degrees, and the diameter of the bent pipe varies up to 120 mm.

Do you think the prices for pipe bending are too high, compared to what you can do in your garage for free? And what about the fact that poor quality of bending can even destroy or significantly damage the metal? Then it will be too late to change the decision. Of course, the domestic bending of pipes cannot be compared with a professional one.

To find out the terms of manufacture and the cost of the required blanks, you need to call the office phone that shown on the site. Managers of the company will answer all your questions. In addition to cutting and bending of metal, we offer a service for metal cutting, as well as the delivery of manufactured metal products to you at the facility.

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