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Manufacturing of metal structures

Manufacturing of hulls from metal requires a professional approach. We offer services in the design and manufacturing hullsfrom metal sheet materials to order of varying complexity, size and thickness.

Our company produces hullsfrom high-quality steel, aluminum or stainless sheets, which is a guarantee of high corrosion resistance of the finished product. The production facilities of our enterprise allowto manufacture various metal hulls: collapsible, opening, welded, riveted or threaded joints, with press-fit fixtures and other standard and non-standard products.

In the process of manufacturing of metal housings and other products, we use only high-quality materials and proven technologies. At the request of the customer can be designed and manufactured hulls for various purposes and complexity of individual sizes based on the customer's design documentation. Calculation of the cost of hull manufacturing to order is made on the basis of drawings, sketches or technical descriptions. We manufacture hulls from metal in single, small-scale and large-scale lots in short terms.

Metal hulls consist of one or several parts made of sheet steel. Depending on the application of the structure, the manufacture of metal hulls is different. For example, to create a unique hull for electrical appliances, you need to consider the right air flow for ventilation.

Such hull parts as a cover, sidewall, screen lining, brackets and partitions for attaching attachments can be interconnected by bolts, riveting, welding and other methods. Terminal boxes, electrical control panels, radio electronic equipment hulls, internal protective hulls can be connected without any additional action directly during bending on the sheet bending.

For this we use a special punching toolnamed "lock". Thanks to new technologies of laser cutting, punching and bending of metal, it became possible for us to perform the most non-standard projects.

The main feature of aluminum hulls is their durability. Aluminum is a unique metal - it is not subject to atmospheric or chemical corrosion. This provides a wide use of aluminum and of aluminum alloyhulls.

Manufacture of hulls from aluminum is made by highly skilled workers with a wide experience in work with this metal. And our manufacture is equipped with all the necessary modern machines. We are ready to produce aluminum hulls of almost any technical or structural complexity.

We carry out a full cycle of work on the metal hulls manufacture. We make the manufacture of aluminum hulls according to the provided drawing, and also we can develop the project independently by the sketch or "from scratch" in accordance with the technical assignment.

Metal processing is a technological process aimed at changing the shape of a metal. Professional processing of sheet metal allows to create separate parts, assembly units and complex metal structures, since the use of various processing methods allows to give metal products the necessary shape, size and color. In other words through the processing of sheet metal metal products and metal parts can be manufactured.

Metal products are used in all sectors of construction, in industry and automotive industry, in instrument making and manufacturing of various equipment, in furniture production, in everyday life and in medicine. Today metal is used everywhere, there is not a single sphere of life, where metal structures, elements and metal parts are not used.

Our company provides a full range of metalworking services: from order acceptance to delivery of finished metal products. Modern equipment and production facilities allow us to work with both small and large orders.

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