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Manufacturing of gears (gear wheels) to order

The production of gears is in a good demand, since the gear wheel is one of the main parts of many mechanisms. The gear transmits the rotational motion between the shafts during the gearing with the adjacent gear. Most often, the gear is a disk of a cylindrical or conical shape, on the surface of which the teeth are evenly spaced.

Gears are in demand in mechanisms of various complexity in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, mining and food industries. These are wagons and cranes, gear boxes, hydraulic machines, watches. And each mechanism most of all needs its own special detail.

Gears are divided into many species and subspecies. Often in the mechanisms they are in pairs. In case ofthe damage of one part, we can produce it individually. It is known that the bigger the number of teeth, the smoother the course of transmission. The gears are divided into driving and driven gears, the rotation of the drive gear is transmitted from the outside, and the torque is removed from the driven part.

The most popular are spur gears, in which the axes of gears are placed in parallel.

Gears of conical shape differ in the shape of the teeth - straight, circular, curved. They are used in machines for the movement of mechanisms, where the transfer of rotation from the shaft to the shaft is required (for transfer from the engine to the wheels).

The process of manufacturing of conical gears is quite complex and time consuming, but our masters successfully mastered it.

Gear-shafts are required for various types of gearboxes and drive mechanisms, which transmit the torque from one shaft to another. This item clings the gear wheel, so that torque is transferred from the shaft to the shaft.

We do the work on making gears and various gear parts with the help of milling machines, making the cutting of the tooth with a special cutter of a certain shape. Thanks to this achieves the desired profile and tooth size. Thus, gear-milling works have a rather narrow specialization, which allows us to produce helical, spur cylindrical gears, chevron gears.

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