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Overhaul of metalworking equipment

Complex repair work on equipment modernization is one of the most popular services for today.

List of services for the repair of metalworking equipment and machine modernization, provided by our company:

  1. Capital, emergency and current repair of metalworking equipment, identify malfunctions, develop project documentation that is necessary for repair of parts and assemblies, and also perform their subsequent setup and installation.
  2. Installation (disassembling) and commissioning works for metalworking machines and production lines.
  3. Technical audit, installation and commissioningworks.
  4. General technical (partial changes are made to the construction of the machine to improve its technical level to the level of modern advanced models) and technological modernization (we will improve the machine for better performance of a certain type of work). Modernization significantly increases the productivity of metalworking equipment, reduces operating costs, reduces the percentage of defective products and increases the inter-repair period.

Overhaul of metalworking equipment is carried out either at the location of the customer's facility, or at our specialized repair station located on the company's main production area.

Overhaul of metalworking equipment, performed by highly qualified specialists of our company, includes:

- diagnostics of metalworking equipment and identification of the causes of the malfunction;

- repair and restoration of the main units of equipment with subsequent operational testing of the repaired devices;

Our company provides democratic prices, high quality and warranty service period.

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