PPCE “Matrix”
Cutting of sheet and profile metal

For cutting of sheet metal and profile metal, we use one of the following methods:

  1. Cutting a sheet with a thickness of 20-150 mm we use gas and plasma cutting. This method gives high accuracy and better quality. We produce plasma cutting in one of two ways: with a jet and an arc. Duringusing an arc, the sheet is included in the chain, an arc is formed between the metal and the electrode. When using the jet, cutting is formed between the two electrodes. This method of cutting is good because the sheet does not deform, and the characteristics of the metal do not deteriorate due to the high temperature.
  2. We cut the complex profile parts with saws with horizontal X movement.
  3. For bending of sheet metal we use a machine with a ribbon cutter with an output of 80t/m2. Advantages of band saw cutting: high productivity, good processing cleanliness, thin cut, not exceeding 2 mm. It is possible to cut at an angle only this way
  4. Sheets with a width of 2 m and a thickness of 3-20 mm are rolled.
  5. The advantages of laser cutting include accuracy, cleanliness of processing, thin shear. This method is most suitable when you need a complex figured cutting and bending sheet metal with that thickness of not more than 15 mm.

Managers of our company will help you choose the best cutting method. Thanks to the availability of a good technical base, the company's specialists will provide you with cutting with high accuracy. We can cut even painted and rusted metal sheets.

We provide cleaning and packaging services for free.

Applying to our company you can be sure that you will get a high-quality service that will be executed according to the agreed time at an acceptable price.

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