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Welding works

A reliable connection between the parts of the metal construction is provided only by welding. Industry, construction, trade, private sector - welding works are in demand everywhere.

Maximum compliance with all welding technology requirements is possible only with specialized equipment, skilled welders and using щаmodern welding technologies: manual arc welding, semi-automatic welding, non-consumable electrode welding in argon.

Each metal structure requires an individual approach to the choice of welding technology. This provides the best ratio for value and money.

We carry out welding works of such metals: carbon steel (welding of black metal), stainless steel (welding of stainless steel), aluminum and aluminum alloys, and also weld: metal structures, fences, gates and wickets, stairs and handrails, door and window openings, gratings , parapets and ramps, mobile stalls and other commercial premises, supporting frames for equipment, metal furniture, water and steam pipelines, gas pipelines.

We also produce such metal products from sheet metalas: containers, pipeline equipment, boxes, housings and protective equipment casings, fuel tanks.

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