METAL TREATMENT ON THE TURNING MACHINE: DETAILS OF DIFFERENT FORMS AND CONFIGURATIONS. Turning metal allows you to manufacture steel parts for different industrial sectors, the construction sector. There are many types of turning operations, each of them is carried out according to the developed standards, technical conditions, individual features of the billet. The lathe business is in deserved demand, since it allows you to work with different steels, starting with the traditional brand 10 and finishing with titanium, high-alloy alloys. The high quality of metal processing on a lathe is determined not only by the steel grade. A professional always takes into account the kind of chemical or thermal impact (there are about 40 kinds of them all!), To which the material was subjected, and only then sets the desired mode and speed of cutting.


To create details with different geometric parameters, the machines are equipped with cutters, drills and other cutting tools. During the processing, both the cutter and the workpiece rotate. The technological process has many advantages. 1. Variability of rotations allows creating cylindrical, conical, spherical surfaces. 2.Tovarnaya processing of parts allows processing of non-ferrous metal: bronze, copper, etc. 3.Technology, as well as the use of advanced equipment with CNC, provides high accuracy and processing speed. 4.Operations pass with a minimum amount of waste. The resulting chips are suitable for remelting and manufacturing new blanks. This economy meets the requirements of modern production and allows customers to order lathe work at an optimal cost. The proper quality of turning the steel can be obtained if a suitable cutting device is used. The index of strength of the tool should be higher than that of the workpiece. Cutters are made of steel, diamond, ceramics. Another important factor is the depth, speed, size of the longitudinal feed. To produce high-quality parts in large series and perform complex orders, it is necessary to use the capabilities of equipment with numerical program control. What is their effectiveness? 1. Absence of vibrations during processing. 2. Reduction of thermal deformation of the workpiece. 3.High speed and productivity 4. Processing of atypical complex parts. "PromTechnoCenter" uses the latest generation of machines, modern equipment, as well as the work of professional operators. This ensures the prompt execution of orders at an affordable price.